Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pregame Notes 13 September 2007

First off, I'd like to say that you guys are more than welcome to disagree with me--in fact, I'd encourage it, just as long as you're not trolling!


Tonight we've got The President, Ian Kennedy, going up Toronto's long vaunted but long injured pitcher AJ Burnett.

If Kennedy's previous starts are any indication, look for a rough first two innings, and then settling down a lot after that.

The Yankees bats haven't exactly been hot in Toronto, but they're getting the right hits at the right time, and enough pitching and defense to keep the lead intact, and win the games. In the baseball world, we call this 'practice for October'.

We all know what awaits the Yankees after tonight, but the Yankees, I can almost guarantee you, are only thinking about tonight. A win tonight and we are only 3.5 out in the loss column in the AL East.

It's interesting--the AL East seems right now like the one division that's a foregone conclusion, but there are actually three divisions where the division leader has a larger lead--the AL Central, West and NL East.

Don't be surprised if the AL East is decided on the last day of September.

It's been that kind of year.


  1. Viva El Presidente`!
    Viva Yankees!
    Viva Squirrels and Optimism!!

  2. I hope you're right about the East and the last day of the season, but odds are still wayyyy against it.

    While I will be disappointed to "just" get the wildcard, the minimum first goal is to get in the 8 team tournament. As we're seen in the past, anything can happen then.

    If it happens, I'm ok with having the Bostonians fly their AL East long as we can fly flag # 27! Go El Presidente

  3. I like the way you, Dman, Vito and company are all operating this optimism thing. It's so much more enjoyable to read the blog during the game when everyone is looking on the bright side instead of doom and gloom. Plus - it seems to be working!

  4. Well, Anon, I figured I'd try it just to do something different--but when Scooter came out again, I obviously thought of the right thing at the right time!

    Anyway, there's sooo much upside to this team, it's really annoying when people only focus on what they do bad...we've got the makings of a dynasty here!

    Yeah, I said it!

  5. Rebecca,

    Since you kinda asked me to disagree, I will :)

    "A win tonight and we are only 3.5 out in the loss column in the AL East."

    i don't think there could be half game differences in the loss column. A win tonight would keep us at 4. However if we had off and Boston played and lost, it would drop it to 3. People look at the loss column because, for the teams looking, a loss is much more rare than a win.

    At any rate, you're probably right on it coming down the the last few days of Sept...


  6. You're right...we can't make .5 up in the loss column unless Boston loses and we don't play...

    Still...we could pick up half a game overall!

  7. Looking for live presidents...

  8. I just come back from lab and put on my T-shirt for the Yankees' game. Before I can realize it has been a pitching game so far, Damon hit a home-run. So the President is dominating the Jays!!!!! What a great start so far for Kennedy! WOW!

  9. charles,
    Viva Squirrels and Optimism!! Let's go Yankees! Let's put on some runs for the President!

  10. i think i would rather post in here than what is going on lohud. it is getting ridiculous.. so rebecca if you are here... howdy

  11. Larry:

    Looks like someone is in massive need of a life (and I'm talking about the troll ;)

  12. agreed rebecca, one of the links from the troll known as sam johnson goes to porn. i reported it to pete... anyway i rather post among friend. our pres is pitching quite the game.

  13. Viz is back!! His nick name among the Yankees fans in Taiwan is LV. haha...

  14. Yea!! Runner on scoring position. Let's go Cano. Let's go!

  15. OK. Baseball starts after two outs! Let's keep it going Melky!! Let's go Yankees!!

  16. We were bound to lose a game. It happens. Ian pitched his heart out, many more to that young fellow :-) If this is what it takes to defeat the Yankees, then I am game for the post-season. Now, we'll just have to go 99-63. Beat THAT, Boston :-)