Friday, September 21, 2007

Scores and Stuffs

It's amazing. I can spend four hours in a car, just driving, and afterwards be completely beat.

I plopped myself down in a kitchen chair and I haven't moved since about 10 PM, except to get a glass of water.

Anyway, just because the Yankees didn't play today (or the Red Sox), doesn't mean that everyone else had an off day.

Baltimore beat Texas 6-3 in 10, scoring five in the 10th. How the Orioles--whose team members didn't even try to slide while base-stealing in New York--have won any game at all is much past my grasp of understanding.

Kansas City beat the Chicago White Sox 3-0. The Royals are a game up on the Chi Sox in the loss column. The idea that the Royals, a team that was supposed to lose 100 games this year, could finish ahead of the 2005 World Series Champions is almost beyond comprehension.

The Angels lead Seattle 9-4 in the seventh. The Angels are likely to officially end Seattle's AL West hopes this weekend. It was a nice ride for the Mariners, but they more or less decided the ship they were sailing on was the Titanic, and acted appropriately.

Houston beat St. Louis 18-1, scoring all but four of their runs in the sixth inning and after, which would lead one to believe that St. Louis's bullpen is taking lessons from Boston.

Atlanta beat Milwaukee 3-1, as the Brewers have not been doing themselves any favors of late. The Cubs were off, so Milwaukee now trails by 1.5 games in the division.

The Mets lost to Florida 8-7 in 10, and all of a sudden the Mets seem to have decided that the Yankees really are the better team in New York City. Ahead of Philadelphia by seven games on September 12th, their lead is now down to 1.5 (the same in some other supposedly 'done' division), and they are in danger of missing the playoffs entirely.

The Phillies beat Washington 7-6, as Washington has apparently decided they would rather see Philadelphia win the NL East.

San Diego beat Pittsburgh 6-3, as the Padres seem to have finally reclaimed their winning ways of 1998 (World Series notwithstanding).

Colorado beat the Dodgers 9-4. Get this: The ROCKIES have 81 wins. Let me say this again. The Rockies have 81 wins. They will finish above .500, barring a complete and utter collapse. They might be trailing a little too much to take the NL Wild Card now, but watch out in 2008.

...I cannot believe I am saying things like that!

Cincinnati beat San Francisco 4-2, but both cities have long stopped following baseball and started following football. Cincinnati has no luck, though, does it? I mean, the Reds and the Bengals? At least for San Francisco the 49ers had guys like Joe Montana and Steve Young...

I will eventually get my bum off this chair, but I'm tired and falling asleep here seems like a wonderful possibility...


  1. 2007 has been a good year for baseball fans. Being a Yankee fan, it's all been there: the lows of a losing record and poor performance, the sometimes feeling of despair at being so far back in the standings, the highs of ten-game winning streaks, the slugging of Senor Rodriguez, the energy and spark provided by the baby Bombers, the stretch drive with the eagerness to overtake a hated rival, the elation at the despair being felt in that city.

    Having said all of that, and while looking forward to the 2007 playoffs, I am really, really looking forward to the 2008 season. Man, it's going to be fun!! I am getting goosebumps just writing about it :-)

    Happy Friday. How do you feel after the 4-hour drive? Enjoy the game this weekend [isn't it Saturday's game that you'll be attending?]

  2. ...I think you're confusing me with Andrea, I'm not going to any games!

    I have family commitments this weekend, and that's why I'm home.

    However, if someone wanted to give me a ticket to Saturday's game I wouldn't say know! :-D

  3. i think someone mentioned having extra tickets to a game in the toronto series at the stadium on Pete's blog about a week or two ago... probably too many posts to go through to find the comment though. and they may not even be available anymore...

  4. No way I can get the tickets by tomorrow, anyhow!