Friday, September 21, 2007

Pregame Notes 21 September 2007

Yankees open a four game set against the Blue Jays tonight, their last home series of 2007.

...I cannot believe I just said that!


Chien Ming Wang is on the mound today, and, as it's a home game, Yankees fans can hope for a strong bounce-back performance.

This will not be an easy series; Toronto just swept Boston, and Boston's not exactly a bad team, as much as we all might want to think otherwise.

The Jays have their four best starters going, starting tonight with Halladay, who is a potential Cy Young award winner in future years. Seriously, if Toronto ever grasps the concepts of 'staying healthy' and 'offensive production', they will be a force to contend with...if they played in any other division (except maybe the AL or NL West), they would be right there in the race for the division crown.

A-Rod has been slumping badly, having not hit a home run since Kansas City and having little other offensive production. He did have the game winning hit in that first Boston game, which gets him off a little bit, but we'll need all the offense we can get tonight.

The Red Sox have Josh Beckett on the mound tonight, against Tampa Bay, so although Tampa has Kazmir going the likelihood that the Yanks will end the night tied in the loss column is slim.

Here's to hoping!


  1. Hey Rebecca,

    Thought you might like this story.

    I'm home from work today cooking the pre-Yom Kippur dinner and go out to get the mail and there's a squirrel on my doorstep!

    I live out in the burbs but there aren't many trees around so there usually aren't squirrels right here. I turned right and there was a nother one. Good omens for tonight and the rest of the season!

  2. So that's where my squirrel went!

    ...They're all over the place at Syracuse, but at home it's much harder to find them! Surbubia and manicured lawns and all that...

  3. Yes, we have to protect him or her from evil vengeful Red Sox fans.

    Yeah, I have found that too. they were all over my college campus too, but much rarer here. Of course, right after I post that I get the Kennedy news for tomorrow. Hope it's not our squirrels evil twin.