Sunday, September 9, 2007

Earning His (Pin)Stripes

I don't feel like going to sleep just yet...and I wasn't quite happy about how the A-Rod quote I had only made it to the end of my last post.

So here we go:

After the game Saturday night, where A-Rod had two home runs, he spent time answering questions from reporters. If you watched the Yankees' Postgame, you would have caught it.

Most of the questions were light hearted, talking about how the team pokes fun at his shoulder act (which is hysterical), and how the season is that much more fun.

Then, a question was asked:

"Would you settle for an MVP?"

There are a lot of ballplayers who would have answered with something along the lines of 'that'd be pretty cool' or 'I'd settle for the division' or 'Of course, you always want to do all you can to help your team'...but not A-Rod.

A-Rod's response?

"I would settle for a World Series"

Don't know about you, but for me, with those seven (!!) words, A-Rod has earned his Pinstripes and his right to be called a true Yankee.

I never thought I'd say that; for me it's always about coming through when it matters, as I said in a comment in an earlier post...but what A-Rod said tonight transcends that.

He could have said anything, but he said that. He didn't mince it, didn't try to fluff it up, but came out and said it, and with those words, said loads more than 51 swings of the bat could ever say.

He's here for a championship.

Let's hope he gets the ring--he's just proven that he deserves it.


  1. check me out!

    I know, it's lame, but I kind of like it!

  2. I am Pete Feng from the

    I think you are definitely right about A-Rod. I think putting the team's wins before personal glories is a right attitude all players should have since that is the reason how Jeter got his MVPs and WS rings. It is wonderful to see A-Rod finally having fun playing for NY. With Jeter, our Capitan leading the team, no doubt that all his teammates eventually become a true Yankees. Not to mention the leadership Andy and Clements brought in. I wish A-Rod will stay with Yankees next Year.

    One more thing I want to add. Taiwanese medias has been pushing Wang to comment on the C.Y. award and the "most win award" they created both last year and this year. Lots of them have been manipulating what the truth is. Actually, I trust American journalist better. And, that is one big reason why all the Taiwanese fans come over to the blog talking nothing but Wang's win and loss, being Ace or not, and the C.Y. status. Guess what Wang says to the stupid and annoying Taiwanese media all the time? "WS ring is better." "I want to win WS." "It is more important the team wins." "I want to pitch for the team in October." "A win in the post season means more."

    Finally, I hope this can entertain you. You might see Dice-K try do copy this unique technique in the future when base loaded.

  3. Andrea--Awesome, I will do!

    Pete--Yeah, at the beginning of this year I wasn't too sure about A-Rod, but now I know.

    CMW is amazing--just because he pitches so well, and he's almost always so humble about it!

    Thanks for the link =)

  4. I really hope Yankees can win WS this year since it has been one of the special year so far. They fought through injuries early this season. Each of them has work hard through personal slump to step up for the team. They are playing like a team with heart. I am proud of them and proud of being a Yankees fan. No matter what out come it might be, I will always be a Yankees fan. And, I hope Wang will always be a Yankees so I will not be torn apart.

  5. Pete--The heart the Yankees have shown is probably the single greatest reason I have been drawn back to baseball this summer.

  6. By the way, Chih-Ming is my Taiwanese name. It is different to Chien-Ming. I was afraid use my Taiwanese name on the since it is too close to Wang's name. Pete is the American name I am using at school in TX. Man, it is hard to find a Yankees fan here in TX. I have not find one till now.

    I jump on the Wang bandwagon in 2005. By following Wang and Yankees in 2006, I became a Yankees fan. I don't know much about MLB and Yankees history but I would love to learn more int he future. Let's go Yankees! I am going to put on my Yankees T-shirt and enjoy the game today!

  7. Well, even if it's not the same name, it's still pretty close! I guess maybe it's a bit like Jess and Jen?

    Anyway, it doesn't matter why you are a Yankees fan...just that you are one!

  8. Pete, where are you in Texas? I lived in Arlington for a year, loved going to The Ballpark [it was when A-Rod played SS for Rangers, I loved to go and watch when the Yanks were in town :-) ]

    Andrea, nice new blog. Love the name!

    Rebecca, we differ in opinion as to when A-Rod became a True Yankee, but that's okay :-) I accepted him into the fold when he volunteered to give up SS and play third base upon joining the Yanks. Really, really glad to see him laughing and having fun! Loose ballplayers are better ballplayers. Go Yankees!

  9. Charles,
    ME TOO!! I live in Arlington too.

  10. Nice place - I liked it a lot, but had to move away [got transferred at work].