Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pregame Notes 16 September 2007

I know it's early for an eight PM game, but I do want to be able to watch the Jets and get some coursework done (yeah, like I'll actually do that...)


[Edit]: Nevermind. What the hell is going on with Pete's blog? I'm really frustrated right now...

Right then.

The Yankees need to win today.

Simple as that.

If they win today, it would put them at 7-2 on the road trip, not a bad mark at all. If they win, they'll keep their wild card lead where it is now, which is critical as Detroit has suddenly found an inability to lose.

That being said, it certainly would not be an easy win.

Clemens (Roger, not Kellen) is playing with ligament damage in his elbow--which, in my mind beats the hell out of the whole bloody sock thing. After all, it's the elbow that's most critical to being able to pitch...

The Yankees' bats obviously need a much better showing than they had yesterday, though it's good to know that Joba and Mo are certainly available, a much better situation for the bullpen.

I have to wonder: am I alone in wishing this game didn't start at 8 PM? It's not a big deal on a weekend, but I like to be able to go to sleep before 2 AM when I have class the next day...


  1. It makes for a long day when a weekend game doesn't start until 7:00 (iowa time).

    I'm really nervous about Detroit right now. They are having a hard time losing. I would LOVE to extend our lead, but Detroit is already wayyy ahead today.

    Will keep my fingers crossed and hope Roger can dig back and find his old dominant self.

    Any thoughts on whether its too late to start Joba if need be the last week of the season?

  2. Not only is Detroit way ahead, Minnesota doesn't have a base hit!

    I think the Yankees do as much as possible to stay away from starting Joba--especially because it seriously weakens the 'pen without him there, as we found out...

  3. I hate ESPN games. I had a whole plan of making a day out of the Yankees/Mets game I had tickets to at the Stadium back in the day, and then found out it was at 8 and my companion for the day couldn't go. Lame.

    That is all.

    I haven't seen much of this game as I just got home, but what a great couple of plays I've seen.

  4. So... on Pete's blog.. he states.. "So, get this, somebody in the Monster seats throws it back on the field. It was relayed back to the Boston dugout. Once there, people sitting behind the dugout clamored for the ball and somebody flipped it to them. The guy celebrated like he won the lottery"
    The ball bounced back onto the field after it hit the seats... your boy is making quit a tale there... anyway... as a Sox fan... I still enjoy your blog. You write with great enthusiasm, which I enjoy. Keep up the good work.

  5. Andrea: Aww, that's too bad!

    Anon: Thank you much for the compliment.

    I have a few Red Sox fan friends, and it makes the rivalry that much more fun =)

  6. Man, what a beautiful, well-played game! My fingernails are all gone, and most of my cuticles are bleeding. Seemed like October, that is for certain. Gutty, warrior performance from the Rocket - too bad he did not get the victory, but his young protoge` did. Joba, on the curveball to Pedroia!!! Oh, it was mind-blowing!! Tip o' the cap to Mike Lowell, good hitters can hit the fastball when it is expected. Minky!!! What leather he flashed tonight!! 2 of 3 from the Sox, and this one was special. Nice one, lads. Go Yankees!

  7. my heart is still racing what an incredible game folks...