Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Team by Any Other Name Would Still Play as Sweet?

Right now the Rugby World Cup is taking place in France. I know nothing about Rugby, and didn't even know the United States qualified (they are not expected to advance far).

I'm talking to a friend who is from New Zealand and a strong supporter of the New Zealand team (which is one of the favorites in the tournament).

We got to talking about sports that each country is typically good at, and somehow we get to the topic of baseball and softball. I make a comment about the US losing the World Baseball Classic, but US Softball usually winning Olympic gold. My friend starts talking about the NZ softball team also being really good. He then proceeds to mention the name of the team. Guess what it is?

The Black Sox.

He was, of course, unfamiliar with 1919. As, apparently, are the people that name New Zealand's sports teams.

New Zealand teams usually have 'black' in their name somewhere, but...Sox?

If they ever play in Chicago, it could be interesting!


Rick Ankiel made a rather nondescript defense of the accusations that have been levied against him.

However, his promise to co-operate with the MLB investigation is a positive, and a potentially good sign.


I'm going to see Stardust in a bit, I should be back before game time and able to put up pre-game notes.

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