Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some Off Day Notes

I am about to head home for Yom's a four hour drive to my corner of New Jersey from Syracuse, so the schedule makers sent a blessing in disguise when they made today an off day.

Trust me, you do NOT want me driving a car and listening to the baseball game at the same time. There is not much good that can come out of that...

I will be able to watch the game on Saturday, and maybe the one Friday night as well, but definitely not the one on Sunday, so I need you all to keep the OPTIMISM going for me, okay?

I would like to say

גמר התימה טבוה

to Shaun Green, Ryan Braun, Kevin Youkilis (yes, even him) and any other observing Yom Kippur, ball player, blog reader or passerby.

I did a little layout editing last night, the picture on the top of the side bar is my own, taken on 6 July 2007. Check out the ClustrMap...see where your fellow readers hail from!

I think, maybe after the season, I'll work on a customized layout, similar to the one I have on my LiveJournal (only in navy blue, silver and white, and not the red and black I have!), and give this a little sprucing up...

...For now though, it's the content that matters.

I'll catch you all later tonight or sometime tomorrow.


  1. the map is neat! i clicked on the link and was disappointed not to see Pete's blog there.

    have a safe trip!

  2. Driving and listening to a baseball game is next to impossible. The last game that I listened to while riding was Game 6 of the '92 World Series between the Blue Jays and Braves. I was in the car when the Jays recorded the final out!

  3. Larry--Thank you!

    Saucy--I love maps! Trip was fine, thank you!

    J-Dawg--Ahhh! I've done it before...but the result is never very good!

  4. A belated L'shanna tova to you Rebecca. I hope you have a safe trip and a good holiday. I plan on atoning for any negatvism I had this year with the Yankees. Well, and other stuff too.

  5. Josh--Thank you.

    If atoning for negativism for the Yankees is the worst it is for you, you are lucky.

  6. Dave from WestchesterSeptember 20, 2007 at 11:02 PM

    L'shanah tovah Rebecca and keep up that optimism for the new year. And may those squirrels be written in the book of life.

    Actually I have to disagree with you about baseball games on the car radio. Listening to games on XM is what keeps me sane (or close to it) on a long drive.

    Also I think baseball is the only sport that works well on radio.

    Besides I listened to Bucky Dent's home room on my way back to grad school in '78, so I associate games on radio with good things.

  7. Dave: Indeed! May the squirrels be written in the book of life!

    Well, I heard the final outs of the 99 World Series, 01 World Series, 03 ALCS on the radio...(my parents let me stay up in 00 for the last out)...but I wasn't in a car!

    I did listen to the game where the Yanks and Chi Sox rolled 8s in the second on the radio in the car driving home, when they put Farnsworth in.

    Let's just say I'm really, really glad the cops weren't out in full force that day!

  8. often, i spend my weekends in Pennsylvania and catch at least the first half of Friday night games on the radio. 3 different stations throughout the trip, 2 FM, 1 AM. but there's always a short stretch in the Poconos where I can't get any station in. I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in that area yet, knock on wood.

    i'll agree with Dave that baseball is pretty much the best sport to listen to on Radio. I'm really shocked that they even bother broadcasting NASCAR races...

  9. Hah, have you ever tried listening to a hockey game in the radio? If that's the case, I take my cues from the crowd. If the Devils are home and the crowd cheers, YAY. If the Devils are away and the crowd cheers, BOO!

  10. i can imagine hockey being pretty hard to follow on the radio, probably similar to trying to listen to basketball.

    football isn't too bad now that i think about it. drove home to the 2nd half of the giant game 2 weekends ago. i think my mind drifts a little, but that's mostly due to my team stinking it up this year i think.