Wednesday, October 17, 2007


If you look over at the StatCounter, we've passed 5000 views. Given that the StatCounter is about three weeks younger than the blog itself, we actually passed that number some time ago.


Anyway, have to go off and meet with my thesis adviser; Wednesday Round Ups coming later this afternoon.


  1. Congratulations!!!!

    Your blog is very entertaining, thanks for updating it regularly.

    As a former education major, (social studies), I never had to do a senior thesis. But, your pick of interesting historical figures is good. Question, did Henry VII's reaction foreshadow the actions of Henry VIII?

    Hopefully, this will be a good day and the Yankees will announce that they are keeping Joe T.

    But, even that is a mixed blessing. I think when/if Joe T. is rehired, that Joe G. may decide to take another managerial job. I was really hoping he would take over from Joe T. when Joe T. is done.

    I think Joe G. will be a GREAT manager. With any luck, he'll stay in the National League.

  2. Eksmd--Thank you!

    In answer to your questions: No, I don't think so.

    Aside from (in all likelihood) a medical ailment that would have impaired him psychologically, Henry VIII wasn't so much paranoid like Henry VII (who had a good reason to be), but certain of him being right.

    A lot of what happened in Henry VIII's reign, especially concerning religion, was out of his control (at first, anyway). Like, there was no need to suppress Protestantism in VII's day because it did not, as such, exist!

    (And wow, you made me think about it and enjoy thinking about it! YAY!)

    Joe G will be a great manager--catchers tend to make good managers. If I had to take someone over Torre, it'd be him in a heartbeat.