Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn...(State of the Blog Notes)

I feel odd making another post. I feel like the most recent one I made should be the last thing said until we know what's what, but judging from Steinbrenner's commenting-by-not-commenting, it might be a while and I don't want to leave you all hanging.

I need to say how overwhelmed I am at the response to my last post. It's not really the amount of people that commented, but, rather, what those who did said.

Some of the comments absolutely moved me to tears.

It's been an amazing summer, and it's all that more amazing because you all have been here to share the experience.

That said, for those of you that are interested:

The Yankees are done for October, but four other teams still remain. The Purist part of me will gladly cover the two LCS and the World Series, and the Yankee fan in me will be rooting for Cleveland and whoever plays better in the West.

How rare would it be for me to root for Boston? If Boston played the Mets, I'd root for the Mets.

I will also keep the NFL picks going throughout, watching that week number climb till at long last it's Super Bowl weekend...

After October is said and done, though, what happens is up to you guys.

I'm open for pretty much anything as long as it's appropriate.

So what do you all want?

I can keep it simple, with news and notes of off-season goings on, and nothing else.

I can do random weekly posts, like Tuesdays: Yankees' Classic Moments, Thursday: Random Baseball Trivia, Fridays: Hockey notes, Football picks...etc...

I can intersperse random updates about my own experiences as a Yankees fan or as a university senior.

I can run a serial weekly update with the baseball novel I'm working on...(this is a story in which the girly, 300 part of me decided that the team to be followed had to be named the Spartans. Just for the record.)

I can more or less do whatever you all want, as long as it's not rated worse than PG-13.

Just let me know, and hopefully I'll be able to make the winter a little less dark for a few people.


  1. The Doctor's CompanionOctober 9, 2007 at 5:29 PM

    Shocking as it may be, football's not my thing, but that novel sounds interesting and since you have a way with words I'm positive that it's bound to be a NY Times bestseller ;)

  2. Whatever YOU want, amiga!!
    We have [or could have] our own blogs where WE get to decide the topics.

    Meantime, most of us enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here, the meeting of friends, and your style of writing. Baseball, for sure!! Football, hockey, basketball, college life, all good [and glimpses of those bat-wielding Spartans, for sure!!]

  3. You should probably take some time away from the site an learn how to actually write at a college level. Just a suggestion.

  4. It's your blog, do your thing.

    As one with an MA in English and with teaching experience at the college level, I give you an A in both grammar and rhetoric and an A+ in content. I'll admit I'm probably biased as far as content goes, but I'm ok with that.