Saturday, October 6, 2007

NFL Picks Week Five

If you're still actually using my picks in your office pool or fantasy league, uhh, well, I feel bad for you. I've stopped keeping track, but I think I'm running about .500.

Tennesee over Atlanta. I was actually looking at a video clip of the Music City Miracle earlier; it's one of my favorite calls ever.

Arizona over St. Louis. No, I can't believe I just said that, either.

Jacksonville over Kansas City. Not picking anything that might remotely connect to Indians/Native Americans/whatever the PC term is...

New England over Cleveland, though Cleveland might actually have the offense to make this one close. Also, there's the whole not picking anything to do with Indians thing again...

New Orleans over Carolina. I refuse to believe the Saints will go winless.

New York over New York. Well, that one, at least, I can't go wrong. Honestly, I'd give the Giants the edge, but it's probably about even.

Pittsburgh over Seattle. Why wouldn't I pick the mortal enemy of Cleveland here?

Detroit over Washington. Again, with the Indians...

Houston over Miami. I feel for Dan Marino. No, really, I do...

Indianapolis over Tampa Bay, just because I think Indianapolis really is that good. This is one to watch, though.

San Diego over Denver, because the Chargers have to win eventually, and g-d friggin' dangit, LT is on my fantasy team!

San Francisco over Baltimore. Home field did it in this one, but really, a coin flip.

Green Bay over Chicago. Yes, Brett Farve IS that good.

Dallas over Buffalo. I'm still pissed off at Buffalo for beating the Jets while I sat there and got sunburned on my arms!


  1. i hope you're right about san diego. ONE of my teams needs to win at some point.

    plus, if the chargers dont win, the entire city of san diego might jump off the coronado bridge.

  2. I feel yah.

    At least New York will get a winning team for a week. Just hope it's Gang Green!

  3. Thank you for that first pick. I also love the Music City Miracle call, obviously!! The team that has killed me in my picks so far is the Miami Dolphins. I also can't decide on the Carolina-New Orleans game. The Saints are due for a win, but Deuce McAllister is out for the season, Drew Brees is getting no protection, and Carolina is usually pretty good on the road, so I guess I'll pick the Panthers. I don't know!! :)