Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sizing Up the NL Final Four

Well, this one is a lot harder because I know very little about the National League. Please do yourself a favor and don't use this post to make your NL picks...

Arizona Diamondbacks: Not quite the team from 2001, but young, and they know how to win. They have the best record in the National League, so Chicago has its hands full.

Strengths: Webb gems. Brandon Webb is my vote for NL Cy Young; three straight shut outs is beyond impressive. He can be the spark for this team, and propel them to a World Series.

Weaknesses: Inexperience. Arizona is a YOUNG team. Justin Upton is only nineteen! Like Cleveland, the playoffs are likely to be a growing experience as much as anything else.

Chicago Cubs: For a while it didn't seem like anyone wanted to win the NL Central, but eventually the Cubs decided to do it. Billy Goats better watch out.

Strengths: They're due. Oh, dear G-d are they due. Note: This is a cover for the fact that I can't really name any Cubs players aside from Soriano, Lee, Zambrano and Lilly...If Zambrano's on, the Cubs will be hard to beat.

Weaknesses: History. Billy goats, black cats, what have you, and a 105 year-long drought. As long as Steve Bartman stays clear of Wrigley, I guess they have a chance...

Colorado Rockies: Fourteen out of fifteen isn't just hot. Fourteen out of fifteen is you-don't-even-have-to-touch-home-plate-to-win hot. People better start taking them seriously now...

Strengths: Momentum, and geography. The Rockies need to ride their momentum for all it's worth, because it's capable of carrying them far. Also, playing at Coors Field at home means they're used to the altitude, which will likely provide a bonus.

Weaknesses: Inexperience. I'm not sure anyone on the current Rockies roster have playoff experience...maybe Kaz Matsui when he was with the Mets? I'm not sure about this so you guys have to help me out!

Philadelphia Phillies: Simply put, they shouldn't be here right now, but they are. It's what makes baseball the greatest sport, ever...

Strengths: Lady Luck. You don't survive injuries to your second basemen, your all-star slugger and G-d knows who else and no real pitching staff to speak of aside from Cole Hammels without some help from above.

Weaknesses: Lady Luck. Lady doesn't stay around forever...

Not going to try to make predictions here, because my gut tells me that every team's going to win and we all know that's not possible...

Anyway, enjoy tonight.

If what happened last night means anything, we're in for one of the best Octobers ever. Hold onto your hats folks, it's going to be one wild ride...


  1. Kaz Matsui wasn't in the playoffs with the Mets. He was traded before or during the 2006 season. The Mets were 4th place in 2004 and 2005, above only the Washington Nationals. So last year was actually pretty good for them.

  2. I am leaning more and more toward the Rockies going through the whole NL. The advantage they have playing at altitude is more than just at home. Their blood will carry more O2, that can give them an edge in endurance. By this time of year all the players are feeling a little worn around the edges.

    Their weakness is the same as their strength, in my opinion. That is youth. They look so much younger, over all, even the bearded wonders.

    They have some good pitching, and good hitting. They are a high emotions team, so that can either carry them or shut them down.

    I think the Phillies really came on strong in the end. Similar to the Rockies. They have some good pitching and hitting. Personally, I would rather see the Phillies move on.