Thursday, October 11, 2007

NFL Picks Week 6

Apparently, last week, I did all right!

Chicago over Minnesota. They're playing a lot better, and without the Cubbies to keep Chicago occupied, the Bears should command the city's attention.

Green Bay over Washington. I imagine they're pretty PO'd about last week, and, well, Washington is Washington.

Jets over Philadelphia. Toss up, but for the Jets, this is more or less as 'must win' as they can get.

Jacksonville over Houston. Toss up. My mother once had a Jaguar. It was green. Jacksonville's got the cooler unis.

Cleveland over Miami. Dude, if you're 0-5, I'm not picking you. . Sorry. It seems your players are not recognizing the value of team work. In my opinion, they're relying more on sheer luck like poker newbies.

Cincinnati over Kansas City. Still peeved at Cleveland enough to pick that other Ohio team this week.

Tennessee over Tampa Bay. One of you loyal readers is a Tennessee fan, so I'm picking for you...and because I love Greek mythology so much.

Baltimore over St. Louis. Please see Cleveland/Miami.

New England over Dallas. Obviously, the game of the week. Picking NE because it's not just that NE and Dallas are 5-0, it's the way that NE is 5-0. Just like a bulldozer, really. Which sucks. I want them to lose. Sorry PeteAbe!

Arizona over Carolina. Because Arizona being over .500 really is that weird.

San Diego over Oakland. Come on LT, back me up!

Seattle over New Orleans. See Cleveland/Miami and adjust for 0-4.

Giants over Atlanta. Spiting the brother is fun, but spiting Micheal Vick gives me a special satisfaction.


  1. Yes lets hope the Jets can pull out a win here.. They need something to build off of..

  2. Should have won last week...stupid interceptions!

  3. I don't care about football or hockey, but, I hope you keep your blog going this off season.

    What do you think of the Torre situation? If he's gone, how many other vets do not come back?

    If he's gone, who is your choice for the next manager? I like Giraldi (sp?).

    Keep up the good work and stay optimistic!!!

  4. Eksmd: Don't worry, hockey and football posts are Wed and Thurs only; if you scroll down I've got the winter breakdown!

    I'd love to see Torre back, but if he goes, I wouldn't be surprised to see Mo and Pettitte bolt. I hope to God that doesn't happen.

    My choice would be Girardi, but given what Mattingly has said, he seems the overwhelming favorite.

    Thank you =D

  5. I think you're right on all points. You might add Posada and A-Rod to the ones who would probably not come back.

    My choice would also be Girardi. In fact, I am kind of torn. If Torre stays, Girardi is unlikely to wait for another year, two or three, and will take another job elsewhere.

    p.s. why must I sign in EVERY time i want to comment? That sucks.

    Of course, if Torre leaves, the liklihood is still Donnie, even though he has no experience as manager at any level.

    If I would King George, I think I would keep Torre for two more years, and make Girardi the heir apparent by contract. Make sense?

  6. eks: You should be able to comment anonymously if you want, at least on this blog. I get anon comments all the time!

    I like your idea, and if the Yanks were that keen on Mattingly they should have done that as well...but the best choice is still Torre, with a different bullpen and Dave Eiland as FT pitching coach.

  7. Have you heard anything about when a decision might be made?

    btw, wouldn't it be interesting if Mo, or Po, or A-Rod offered to give the Yankees financial considerations if the Yankees keep Torre? Of course, any offer like that would be done on the QT.

  8. I don't think next year's problem will be the BP. It ALL comes down to SP (as long as we retain Mo). The BP will be a lot LESS of a problem if Farnsworth is traded and just one of a number of possibilities step up to replace him (Olendorf, Bruney, Britton, Veras, the guy we got from Detroit... uh oh..brain cramp)

    May a 6 man rotation next year? Moose, Wang, Chamberlain, Kennedy, Pettit, Hughes? That might eliminate the innings restrictions on the rookies, and you can go with a 5 man if an injury occurs.

    Of course, you still have Olendorf who is really a starter who might be able to fill in as a SP also.

    What do you think?

  9. Eks: Starting pitching is always a team's biggest issue, but this year we were killed not so much by the starting pitching but by the bullpen.

    You generally need three good relievers to count on, and we survived 2007 with just two...just one til Joba came up.

    I'm actually in the 'pen Joba camp--I love Mo, favorite Yankee, but he's not exactly young, and Joba seems to be the perfect candidate for successor. I'm not opposed to trying him as a starter, but I think we have enough pitching talent developing that we can afford to keep Joba in the pen.

    I don't care what the Yankees have to do to keep Posada or Mo. They just better keep them!

  10. Rebecca,

    Do you think the Jets should stick with Pennington as starter or give Kellen Clemens a look?

    I love Chad, but I think his arm may finally be a liability and I'd like to see what Clemens can do.

  11. Josh: Honestly, the Jets offense seems to be unable to get the running game going, so yes, I'd switch to Clemens, but my friend and I have had talks about this.

    We owe Chad the starts, since we used to be able to win with him starting...

    ...but unlike the NFC, you actually need to win 10+ games to make the AFC playoffs.

    And then there's the whole good year/bad year thing, to boot!

  12. I'd just like to see if Clemens would give a boost. The Jets have no margin of error and pretty much have to start winning now to salvage the season. Even then though, this is looking like the pattern will continue.

    As for the Joba debate, I'm in the "starter" camp. It's a really tough call, I admit, but he has 4 very good pitches and that's wasted in the bullpen. We saw this series without starting pitching the bullpen really means nothing.

    I'd try Joba as a starter and if he can dominate, I'd be more tempted to try Hughes in the pen if it comes to that.

  13. josh--that'd be irony. Francchise in the pen and Joba the heat as a starter...

  14. Hughes certainly showed he could do either BP or start. But, I think his upside in the BP is not quite as high as Jobba's. But, for now, I would start them both.

  15. Sorry I'm a little late, busy couple of days, but thumbs up on the Tennessee pick!! The Jets may be able to squeeze out a win over the Eagles. It's definitely getting time for the Jets to go with Kellen Clemens!