Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wrangled at Wrigley (LDS notes 6 October 07)

You think you know pain.

You think that you, the Yankee fan, memories of '01 and '04 still etched firmly in your mind, know heartbreak.

You think you know the depths of despair.

You think you know Postseason heartbreak.

You know nothing.

Ninety-nine years now The Chicago Cubs have gone without a World Series title.

If it's not billy goats, it's black cats, if it's not black cats, it's Steve Bartman, if it's not Steve Bartman, it's those @#$@-ing double plays.

What else do you say?

The Cubs had their chances tonight, they had multiple innings of more than one man on base with less than two out, but they grounded into four double plays.

You want to celebrate for 'Zona, a young team that is the National League's only 90-win record, a team that deserves a shot at the LCS, but instead you find yourself mourning for the Cubs yet again.

Just to be clear: This is the purist in me talking. I'm a die-hard Yankee fan. If it came to a Yankees-Cubs World Series, I'd sell my soul before rooting against the Yankees. That said, if the Yankees don't win a World Series, I want it to be the Cubs. The Cubs are the one team the Yankees could lose to, and I wouldn't feel like retching.

They deserve so much better than they've gotten.

The signs at Wrigley say 'It's Gonna Happen', and it will. Nothing lasts forever...but for the faithful in Chicago, for that legion of fans that, well, would make the list of world's-oldest-people if they remember the last time rings were handed out...

...they will all have to suffer through the long, cold, bitter Chicago winter yet again.

(On a positive note, the Bulls should be pretty good this year).

Less than 24 hours until we find out if the Yankees live to fight another day. Leave the discussion about next year until next year. Let's get through tomorrow first.


  1. The Doctor's CompanionOctober 7, 2007 at 12:50 AM

    ...Speaking of which, flipped by TBS and it's the 9th inning with the Rockies winning...but I'm not letting those games affect the positive chi that I've got going, I know for sure that when I go to church today I'll be praying like crazy for the Yanks!

  2. No matter what the outcome of todays game, I can be sure of two things- I will always be a Yankee fan and I want A-rod to stay in pinstripes.

  3. Doctor's Companion: I saw the end of that game, too. I had hoped either the Phillies or Cubs would make the LCS, but alas, it is not to be.

    Joan: Indeed. Good news is George wants A-Rod to stay as well.