Monday, October 22, 2007

Dog Days of Summer? Winter Wonderland? (Random Baseball Trivia, Week 2)

On this date in 1997, the coldest-ever World Series game was played in Cleveland (ew?), where the game time temperature was a balmy 38 degrees F. here

So, in acknowledgment of this, I have this weather-related nugget:

On 6 June 1957, a Dodgers/Cubs game, in Brooklyn, was called off not because of rain or snow or darkness, but because of fog. How bad was the fog? The outfield was not visible from home plate. here

Coincidence that Brooklyn moved to Los Angeles next year? Probably, but still, c'mon, Brooklyn's not London. Fog?

Go outside and enjoy today if you can; it's one of summer's last gasps.


  1. Reminds me of that game in the Boston Gahden, long ago, Broons against [well, it HAD to have been the Habs, but my memory could be slipping] anyway, the a/c wasn't working right and the ice was evaporating to the extent that the far end of the rink was shrouded in fog... hilarious!!

    'twas 80F here in Norfolk today. I hear it might snow once during the winter. I'm okay with that.
    Especially if I can wangle Jax or Hawaii ;-)

  2. It's about 30 degrees hotter here than it should be...

    ...(and every entry but the fiction? I'm intrigued =P)

  3. It was a beautiful day here in Boston.. Unless of course you count obnoxious people and comments as a form of precipitation... Then there was actually a hurricane here.

  4. dman: It seemed like every other kid here was wearing a Red Sox shirt or something!

    I might wear my Yankee shirt tomorrow just 'cos!

  5. Becca, only because the fiction is long and I would wish to comment properly. You write well, and I find the words enjoyable. Someday, count me in for a sale [aslong as I can have it autographed! ;-) ]