Monday, October 15, 2007

A Slice of My Life

(I should preface this with: about the only things I know how to cook are pasta and anything microwavable. And eggs.)

I posted this originally on my personal Livejournal, but thought the experience was too experiene-like to keep just to there.

Note to self:

Trying to teach self to cook: Good idea.

Trying to teach self to cook caramel: You've had better ideas. There is no inherent nutritional value in caramel...but it's okay. You're in college. Nutrition is overrated.

Using one serviceable saucepan one owns, the one you use to make dinner every night: Bad idea.

Using said saucepan and not spraying it with nonstick: Hon, you're a senior, not a frosh. Surely you learned such things first year?

Using said saucepan, minus not stick, and letting the caramel burn: ...Umm, how exactly did you get into college again?

Realizing that you have no real place to store hard, burnt caramel and you've just wasted six sugar cubes: Yea, uhhh, better not tell the parents about this one.

Having the entire apartment smell like melted sugar: SWEET.

Realizing you've just unintentionally parodied mastercard: Turn the TV off. NOW.

ALCS postgame notes coming right up.


  1. That's about all I can cook too. Pasta and rice. Not good when your doctor says to cut back on carbs because your blood sugar is high. Actually, I can find my way around making chicken, burgers or tacos, but I'm usually too lazy.

    Live and learn. You'll do better next time. Thanks for sharing, it made me smile.

  2. I was told to cut back on carbs, but the thing is, carbs and seafood are about the only things I can eat without getting a massive stomach ache!

  3. Yeah, they are pretty easy on the stomach. My triglycerides were way high, but carbs are one of the few things that actually fills me up.