Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rock(ies) and Roll (NLCS Game Two Postgame notes)

Well, if I'm going to stay up to three AM watching a baseball game, I should thank Colorado and Arizona to make it a good one!

An old-fashioned pitcher's duel is the best way to describe the game, and, well, the Rockies seem utterly immune to losing. Even when their 'pen blows a one run lead in the ninth, on the road, the Rockies shrug it off like no big deal and win in eleven.

If Arizona has any hope of beating Colorado now, they'll have to do it on the road and at Coors field...which will be anything but an easy task.

Seriously. 19-1 in the last 20 games? It's almost as if we should be asking 'why are we playing the NLCS this year?', but, of course, if we did, Arizona would just go and win four straight.

Arizona's not up against a wall yet, but in the world of baseball metaphors, they're certainly on the warning track.

Arizona pitched well last night, but Colorado pitched better, and the deeper into the series that we go, the bigger the fact looms that Colorado's got the deeper pitching staff.

I think, right now, the D-backs have got to be hoping that there's some sort of rain or snow out. Right now, it seems like their only chance to win a game...

Back later with more. Going to go eat something first.


  1. I know I'm late with this and this is so not related. Oh well.

    Re: Balk. I still don't really recognize it. I still don't really know when it's a balk when they do it. I guess you have to really be able to recognize it. Then again, I'm watching the game. The umps are watching the pitcher. It's their job to watch the pitcher very closely. I don't have a job in this game. I also think that people who say they can recognize a balk are lying.

    Re: Cleveland's balanced line-up. I agree with you. It boggles my mind when Varitek hits a home run or when Lugo gets a hit at all. After game 1 of the ALDS, I wasn't really surprised at anything Cleveland did. Having a 6-0 record against them in the regular season, I didn't expect much from them, but they've got a good team. They can do a lot of good things.

    Re; The Colorado Rockies. Holy Crap.

  2. Snakes are snake-bit.
    Three games coming up in Denver?
    Frankly, I don't see the series going back to Phoenix.

    The balk?
    I can spot a balk [sometimes] -
    look for a sudden, unusual movement or hesitation. That's about as good an explanation I can give.... repetition, repetition, repetition. Keep watching baseball, and at some point it will seem more natural [really!]