Sunday, October 21, 2007

OMG, Kenny Killed Them! (ALCS Game 7 postgame notes)

Boston winning the ALCS is about as bad as it gets for Yankees' fans, and at least, this year, we can place the blame (on the Indians' side, anyway) squarely on the shoulders of one man: Kenny Lofton.

Had he not tried to stretch that single into a double, he probably would have scored the tying run.

Had he actually run from second to home on that odd single instead of stopping at third, he would have scored the tying run.

However, those things did not happen, and the Indians, who fell behind early and then imploded late, will be like twelve other American League teams brooding over the long, dark winter.

You knew Cleveland was destined for trouble when they couldn't close it out at Jacob's Field, but out of respect for the Yankees' fans reading this blog (which, I think, will be the majority) I won't mention that thing, that nightmare we are all thinking.

Ah, well, Boston hasn't won it all yet.

These may be dark days for Yankees fans, but we are a strong bunch, and we will get through this.

Let's Go Rockies!


  1. Hey Rebecca. That was the worst possible outcome for Game 7. Yuck. Along with Lofton, Joel Skinner and Casey Blake deserve a lot of blame for the loss. At least the Titans won even though they tried to blow it. And we won without Vince. EIGHT field goals by Rob Bironas. Unbelievable!

    P.S. It's time for all of us Yankee bloggers to unite in support of the Rockies! Let's go Rockies!!

  2. Can't blame Lofton really for two reasons:

    a) Bad call at 2nd base

    b) Joel Skinner over-estimated Manny's occasional outfield skills.

    I agree on Blake and Skinner getting the blame.

  3. Yummy..... Yankee tears are the best!

    Mo... GONE!
    Passedball-Posada.... GONE!
    A-Rod..... GONE!
    Torre..... GONE!
    Welcome back to the 80's Yankee fans....
    There will be a mirror of those 80's Yankee teams..... every game... the Donny Ballgame interviews about losing and being in last place....

    SOX vs. ROX on FOX

  4. I'm with b(rent). I put a lot of blame on Blake and Skinner. Though, it ended up being what, 11-2? I'm not sure a couple blunders led to such a bloated score. But I loathe Kenny Lofton, so I'm willing to put all the blame on him!

    And Mr/Ms Anon, the late 80s/early 90s losing streak ridden era of the Yankees is when I became a fan. It was easier to get tickets and parking was a breeze. It won't be as much fun to watch all the time, but the real fans won't go anywhere.

    Rox vs. Sox on Fox: Look at all those Xes...I smell a fix...

  5. Btw, Becca, remember what I said about your blog and trolling... =)

  6. lmao, I find it funny this blog gets readers when you're posting about the RED SOX.

    Get over your obsession!

  7. Hey guys--

    You're certainly right in that Blake and Skinner deserve some of the blame.

    However, dunnno about you, but it seems to me that wherever Lofton goes, it's a bit of a jinx...

  8. At least Joe Davis has the decency to reveal his identity and cheer for a great college hoops program.

    Anon, back into the box for you.

    Joe D, Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk, now go find Anon. Ironic that you are blubbering about readers because of the Red Sock musings, when you yourself are here. Troll.