Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yankees' Classic Moments, Week Two

On this date in 1996, the Yankees won Game 3 of the World Series, but the better-known turning point occurred in game four:

The Atlanta Braves, who were up two games to one in the Series, had a 6-0 lead in the fifth inning, and the Yankees could only manage to chip it to 6-3 in the sixth.

In the eighth inning, Jim Leyritz came up with two men on and hit it to left field...

..."Back, at the wall, and we are TIED"...

The Yankees would eventually win the game on a walk in the 10th inning, and the Yankees would win the next two games of the Series, clinching at home. You might remember the part where John Wetteland rode on one of those horses.

Back later with full World Series preview. Nasty day out today. Back to what October's usually like around these parts!

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