Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Get Your Skate On (NHL Roundup Week 2)

Well, basketball camp is finally getting to the 'game' stage, which means Opening Night can't be too far off, and Midnight Madness has occurred in the college world, but as for a season already under way, sorry folks, but again it's NHL-only.


Philadelphia Flyers: It won't last. Anyway, it's not like they're running away with the division. Not that you can run away with the division after three weeks...

New York Islanders: Irony is the spice of life, so of course the one NYC team that no one talks about, ever, is ahead of those other two...

Pittsburgh Penguins: Crosby. 'Nuff said.

NY Rangers: I thought these guys were supposed to be the best in the conference this year?

NJ Devils: Unlike the Jets, they'll pick up and start winning more, especially when play at home. However, Brodeur's less-than-stellar efforts behind the net will be cause for concern if they continue.

Ottawa Senators: Uh. Yeah. Um. They're good?

Buffalo Sabres: Right back where I expect them to be, especially given that the Bills are going nowhere.

Boston Bruins: Not quite sure what Boston's doing in third, but I expect we'll find out soon enough.

Montreal Canadians: Right now, the Hab Nots. Sorry, I've been in a punny mood all week, and, well, I don't speak French.

Toronto Maple Leafs: I thought these guys were supposed to be like the Yankees of the NHL or something? Guess I thought wrong. Unless they manage to have killer January, February, March and April...

Carolina Hurricanes: Live in the Carolinas and sick of NASCAR and football? Check out a hockey game. These guys are pretty good.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Right where they should be: good, not great.

Washington Capitals: Yep, start was much too good to be true.

Florida Panthers: .500 isn't too bad, but this isn't basketball or the NFC. You need better than that if you want in in May.

Atlanta Thrashers: Okay, you guys are bad. Firing the coach in October? Even baseball teams don't fire managers in April. Seriously, even the Jets and Syracuse have wins right now. You are so not going to have fond memories of 2007....


Detroit Red Wings: I swear to G-d I almost wrote Detroit Wed Rings. I've got my brother's wedding on my mind a little too much. Oh, and would you really expect Detroit anywhere else?

St. Louis Blues: Lookie here! Seems a team's finally realized that if you score more goals in a game than the other team, you'll do this thing, it's called winning...

Chicago Blackhawks: See entry on Boston.

Columbus Blue Jackets: Still haven't gotten my message on playing like an expansion team.

Nashville Predators: The jerseys are cool. The last place is not.

Minnesota Wild: Might give Ottawa a run for its money.

Colorado Avalanche: Dude, guys, don't be surprised if Pepsiwhatever Arena is empty for a few days...seems everyone in Denver's got baseball fever!

Vancouver Canucks: C'mon, is it too hard to ask for ONE good Canadian team?

Calgary Flames: Stop obsessing trying to make all your columns look even with the tally marks. In hockey, you want all the tally marks in the column all the way over in the left.

Edmonton Oilers: I thought you guys made the finals a couple years ago? What happened?

San Jose Sharks: In hockey, NoCal >>> SoCal. Sorry everyone else.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks: Okay, Anaheim, you've played eight games so far, so what the heck are the defending Cup champions doing sub-.500?

Dallas Stars: Please see entry on Calgary.

Phoenix Coyotes: Not yet in last place. I am impressed.

Los Angeles Kings: The good news: At least your better than Atlanta. The bad news: I have to mention Atlanta. And the Jet Lag excuse so does not work any more, either.

Is it me, or do the nights have a great empty void without baseball?

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