Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Welcome Letter to Joe Girardi

To Joe Girardi--

Welcome back! We've missed you!

You will find that while much has changed, there are still some things you will find familiar: Derek Jeter is still here, King George is still around (even if it's the princelings Hank n' Hal doing most of the work), anything other than a World Series is a failure...you'll remember it well!

You will also find that there are a few things that need to be done before April, such as finding a third basemen. Wilson Betemit is good, yes, but you do need someone with that Aaron Boone or Scott Brosius ability to play CLUTCH in the playoffs...speaking of which, I have it on good authority (namely, Tyler Kepner's blog) that Aaron Boone is a free agent. I'm not advocating anything here, just find it a wee bit amusing. Anyway, you might also want to hire a proper bullpen, and proper bullpen coach, but you knew that.

Please be advised of the following:

Damon plays best in left.

Wilson can't hit from the right. Shelley can.

Shelley could probably kick Chuck Norris' ass bare handed, so be careful.

Alberto Gonzalez has probably never actually been to the White House, and unlike the chap that shares his name, he should be used for defense only

Bronson Sardinha is not a fish...and neither are you!

I still need season tickets. Bleachers will do just fine.

Good luck in 2008,


PS: You did a great job with Jorge. Never properly thanked you for that one, so Thank You!


  1. Rebecca - Have you heard/read (as I have) that Jorge is not at all enamored of Girardi, and, as a result, might now bolt simply because he has been named manager? How's that for gratitude?!!

    Also, how about Torre going to the Dodgers...That last thread that Scott Proctor's arm was hanging by is about to be cut! And lord help the rest of the Dodgers 'pen... I wonder if the Dodgers will try to get Vizcaino now! HA!!!

    Funny how Mattingly went from not wanting to be a bench coach with the Yanks to gladly accepting the same job under Joe in LA in the blink of an eye... I guess his great desire to manage only went so far...

    Oh well, welcome and all hail Joe G.!!! Hopefully he'll put the rocket up the Yanks' butts that they've been needing for years. Time to wake up old-timers!!!

    - Chicago Dave

  2. ChiDave--I heard it, but I think if it really was a huge issue, Girardi would not have gotten the gig.

    Yea, I feel so bad for poor Scott Proctor!

    I think Mattingly still wants to manage, but it was unlikely he'd get a managing job outside of NYY, at least this year.

    2008: A return to glory!

  3. I think Mike Lowell is the best option at Third Base. He came up in the organization, is clutch, is a grinder and has a great glove. He'd be fine at the bottom of the order.

    I need season tickets too. But not in the bleachers. I need a back to my seat. I went to my first game in the bleachers in 1983 (yes, before you were born) and vowed never again. Always in the main Stadium.

  4. josh: My one bleachers experience was rainy and cooooold, and I think we may have committed that great sin of leaving early (the Yanks were getting blown out by the Chi Sox or something).

    1983...and you've stuck with the Yankees this long! I'm impressed you didn't go straight for the Mets!

  5. The Mets? Bite your tongue! I'm nothing if not loyal. Yankees, Jets, Islanders (oh and Syracuse in College :)). If I could survive the Jets I can survive anything!

  6. Girardi is a much better manager than announcer...thank goodness he's back to managing! Can't wait to see what he'll do with the Yanks.

    And I'm agreeing with Josh on the Lowell thing. He's the sorta guy Brosius was back in the 98-01 era.

  7. Girl Thursday--So we get Lowell at third, O'Neill comes back as a coach...

    Would life really get any better?

    It's amazing how bright the future looks when you consider how dark it was on Sunday!

  8. Lowell may not be the ideal choice but imo he's the best out there. He won't hit as well at the Stadium as opposed to Fenway but he still has quality at bats. The main reason I'd get him is that he is a free agent and wouldn't cost any of our pitching prospects. I want to keep all the arms we can.