Monday, October 29, 2007

And I'm Freeeeee, Free-Falling (Random Baseball Trivia Week 3)

Sheesh, I give you all more writing like you asked, and no one reads it? Does wonders for my psyche =P.

(okay, okay, A-Rod, opt out, etc...I get it...)

Well, after last night, the only appropriate topic for RBT would be something concerning free agents.

I could give you all the nugget that Scott Boras is not my favorite person, but I have a feeling you guys already know that.

So I have this nugget for you all:

The first baseball free agent did not play in the 1970s, like many of you probably think, but instead in 1937.

The player is named Tommy Henrich, he is one of the oldest baseball players still alive, at 94, and he was a free agent after his team had failed to resign him or release him.

As would be fitting, Henrich played for the Yankees.

here and Here.

I will be back with a more substantial A-Rod posting this afternoon.


  1. All seems right in the world today........

  2. Old Reliable!!!
    Man, what a great find by the Yanks..... I still maintain that the outfield of Charlie Keller, Joe D. and Henrich is among the finest, ever. Good eye, Becca, good eye!