Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yankees' Classic Moments, Week Three

As the news is likely to come that Joe Girardi has been named Yankees' manager today, I offer this classic Girardi moment:

On July 18 1999, Girardi was the Yankees' starting catcher. The game was an interleague game against the Montreal Expos (the future Washington Nationals), and the starting pitcher was one David Cone. Remember here?

Anyway, Girardi pitches as Cone pitches a 1-2-3 first. And then a 1-2-3 second. And a 1-2-3 third. There's a rain delay (I'm not sure when in the game it comes, but it does), but Cone and Girardi go back out there, and continue to have these 1-2-3 innings...

Suddenly, it's the ninth inning, and no player from Montreal has reached base...C. Widger strikes out, R. McGuire flies out and O. Cabrera fouls out to third, and David Cone has pitched a perfect game.

And Joe Girardi has caught it.

(They never give catchers enough credit for catching these, do they?)

Letter to Joe G. coming when the news is made official.


  1. While the catchers don't get a lot of credit for "perfect games", its mainly because the bigger portion of getting it done is the pitcher.

    I can't say I am pleased by Girardi as manager. I never liked his style before, I won't like it now.

    If he gets wins, fine. I still won't like him as manager.

    I have a feeling he will have a short tenure with the Yankees. The Fans and the owners will only be able to put up with him for so long.

  2. Not a Girardi fan--

    Yep, the bigger portion is certainly done by the pitcher, but I was just looking for a Girardi moment, and that seemed to be a pretty cool one =)

    I respectfully disagree with you on the latter point; Girardi would have been my choice.

    However, I take nothing for granted, and if the Yanks' start 2-20, I probably would be anxious for something to be done...

    of course, I say this as a 1-7 Jets fan and am still content with Mangini...though just barely...

  3. I was at that game! Amazing moment. It was pretty hot out and I remember my ticket got all messy from suntan lotion. The rain delay was mid-game (5th or 6th inning) if I recall. One of the best baseball moments I've seen live ever!

  4. ....I'm only a wee bit jealous!

    I was at summer camp; I found out about the game through a relatively new invention called email.