Monday, October 8, 2007

ALDS Game Four Pregame Notes (8 October 2007)

So much changes, so much stays the same.

The Yankees are still with their backs against the wall, still one more loss and it's over, still one more lost and it's bye-bye to Joe...

...but you can't deny that things have changed, even if just a wee bit.

The bats came alive last night. The Yankees showed what they can do to mediocre pitching.

The torch was passed, Rocket to Phil, and tonight it's passed to another one of those kids, the Wanger, who pitches so much better at home than on the road.

A-Rod had two hits last night, and for the most part, he had good ABs as well. The bottom of the order produced like crazy, and Posada had his first good hit of the postseason as well.

Again, it's Yankee Stadium in October.

Again, we call on the ghosts for a little aid.

Again, we will hope, again we will watch, and again we will not go quietly into that good night...

(my thanks to Dylan Thomas!)


  1. Rebecca, Optimism was not enough. A few well timed hits would have been great.This Yankee loss iss o disappointing, frustrating. Well, let's get ready for all the changes. Have a nice off-season

  2. We were unlucky, and Jeter did us in with that double play. Yes.

    April will be here sooner than you expect.