Thursday, October 25, 2007

Your Chance To Do Some Good

This morning I received an email from Tom Kackley, the clubhouse manager for the Trenton Thunder, asking if I'd mind linking to a charity auction he is running in support of a domestic violence charity.

This is part of the email:

"I've been working in baseball 20 years, all at the minor league levels. Ten years ago, about a week before opening day, my wife's sister was murdered by her husband. I was angry for some time over the fact that I didn't get the chance to do something to save her. So, since then what I do is raise her son, and now this auction.

Hope you can help. Thanks."

Being the good little internet soldier I am, I went and researched to make sure the auction is legit, and sure enough, it's linked to on the home page of the Trenton Thunder website.

The auction itself can be found here. It's a nice collection of minor league memorabilia, including some Ian, Joba and Phil autographed pictures, balls and baseball stuffs.

You can read about the Domestic Violence Project here, and you can see the link through the Trenton Thunder homepage here

Domestic violence is on my unforgivable crime list, and it should be on your's as well. Give the auction a look-see, and help support a good cause.

Back later with NHL Round-up. I feel like last night's World Series game was like a bad dream...

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