Sunday, October 14, 2007

Extra Special (ALCS Game 2 Postgame Notes)

Sorry for this being so late; I wasn't feeling well last night and missed the end of the game and I've only just woken up.


Both offenses last night looked pretty balanced...but the pitching, however, did not. Neither Schilling nor Carmona could go long, and both bullpens were stretched.

That it was Eric Gagne that ended up blowing it for Boston is a cruel, hard fact for Boston fans, but not really a surprise. Gagne hasn't been trusted with a lead the entire second half; now, he's probably pitched himself out of ever reappearing in this season.

Part of you feels bad for him--it's not like he didn't try--part of your Yankee fan is going, 'oh sweet sweet schadenfreud'...

Anyway, this was the Cleveland offense that we are supposed to be seeing: not top-heavy but capable of doing damage 1-9.

This is going to be some series, and a heartbreaker for one of these two teams.

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  1. it was a great game to watch. if it ended earlier, i would have went to the bar earlier and spent too much money.

    i'll admit it, i own an indians t-shirt. i have the say the reaction of the met and red-sox fans at the bar afterwards was just priceless. i could see a reaction from a RS fan, but the met fan reactions was kind of surprising...