Monday, October 15, 2007

I Don't Believe What I Just Saw! (Random Baseball Trivia, inaugural edition)

Today is the 19th anniversary of Kirk Gibson's famous home run--you know, the one where he was gimping so bad he couldn't really stand on his own, came up to pinch hit and then sent the Dodgers a 5-4 Game 1 World Series win, the one considered one of the greatest calls ever by Jack Buck "'s a gonna be a home run! Unbelievable! The Dodgers win 5-4, I don't believe what I just saw! I don't believe what I just saw!"


That one.

So in honor of that, and since I can't find anything tidbit-ish enough, today's edition we have this tidbit on Vin Scully (who had quite a memorable quote of his own):

On the TV show "The X-Files", Dana Scully is named after...yep, you guessed it...Vin Scully!

And this tidbit on the 1988 LA Dodgers World Series run:

Despite Gibson's home run, Orel Hershiser won the World Series MVP, having an ERA of 1.00 over two starts.

Sorry for the short entry, but you had four from me yesterday! Four!

Back later with ALCS game 2 notes, but only if the game ends sometime before, oh, I don't know, one AM?


  1. Great home run call. Don't you shudder to think how Sterling would have called it?.... "A gonzo the GGGGG man...."

    J/K I really do like Sterling's calls. As silly as they sound, and as emotional as Suzn can get..... they are the first Yankee announcers that I'm been able to hear consistently on the radio in over 45 years of being a Yankees fan. So, I like them. :)

  2. I never got the chance to hear Phil Rizzuto.

    No one will ever equal him, but there are nights when Sterling comes pretty damned close. He's one of those that is simply magical for a kid just beginning to follow a game...his home run calls have so much energy...

  3. People left and right have been ripping Suzy for weeping on the air, or going nuts when Rocket re-signed. I don't mind. It's adds to the home-team charm, and I wouldn't listen to WCBS wanting cold professionalism. Anyone who DOES, watch and listen to Michael Kay, instead. I'd prefer not to.

  4. Scully!! Nice.....

    now, about that other Fox...?

  5. Waldman's Clemens' celebrating didn't bother me too much, but while I have no opposition to emotion, crying should have been done off the air. Choked up? Fine. Full out crying? Pull yourself together!

    I do think Waldman takes a lot of heat just because she's a woman in a traditionally male job, though. I'm curious, would other female play-by-play announcers do something like that?