Thursday, October 25, 2007

Boston Rocks (World Series Game 1 Postgame Notes)

Memo to the Colorado Rockies:

There is nothing wrong with dressing up and playing zombie for Halloween, but, uh, you're generally supposed to wait until October 31 to dress up in costume...

Seriously, that was an ugly affair for anyone not rooting for Boston.

World Series games are supposed to be close, nail-biter sort of affairs, with late inning heroics, the best of the best, but the game played today may have as well been played in March.

Seriously, if Eric Gagnè is on the mound in Fenway Park in a World Series game, you know something is up.

That Colorado only managed one run against Josh Beckett is not a surprise; no one seems to be doing much scoring of any sort against the Red Sox ace, but Colorado's pitching, from the lead off man, could not even attempt to compete.

Compared to the doings of Morales and co, Jeff Francis actually seemed as though he was the ace of the affair, and if you give up six runs, you're pretty much not an ace.

You have to credit Boston's offense for coming to play, and they certainly did. An obscene number of runs were scored with two out, and you can't ask for more than that from an offense.

There's no doubt the eight-day lay off has something to do with the Zombies-R-Us-ness of tonight's game; those rooting for the Rockies or against the Sox (like any true Yankee fan) have to hope that tonight was a 'shake off the rust' game and that it will not happen again.

On a completely unrelated note:

My Halloween costume is coming along as much as a costume made from bedsheets and yarn can come along. Can't wait to show you all!


  1. Yikes, that game tonight sure was ugly. I turned it off in the 5th inning. Hopefully it was just Colorado getting all of the stink out of their system!!

    Good luck finishing up your costume. On Halloween I'm just going to dress up in my Vince Young jersey! I'm too lazy to go to much trouble!!

  2. i'd love to know when the rule changed about home runs. here i always thought they needed to go over the wall...

  3. J-Dawg: Thanks...I have a feeling I'll nedd that luck.

    Saucy: Maybe it's just because of it being Colorado playing?

  4. "here i always thought they needed to go over the wall"

    Yeah, that was kind of like cheating, huh? And it kind of set the tone. Without that home run the rox would have had a chance. Surely the 12 runs that followed would have been prevented.

    You are brilliant!