Friday, October 19, 2007

Cleveland not Rocking Tonight (ALCS Game 5 Postgame Notes)

In my defense, I did call this series going six games.

Three games now, in the Postseason, that CC Sabathia has started and come up short. It's getting harder and harder to say that it's just a fluke; he seems more like he's rattled by the nerves.

Beckett was good; he didn't have to be great to win tonight.

Manny's long RBI single reminds me a bit of the Subway Series in 2000 when some dude on the Mets hit a ball that looked like it was going to be out, so he didn't run, but it wasn't a home run, and he was thrown out at first. I forget who was involved in the play; I keep thinking Jose Reyes, but he might have still been in grade school at the time.

Anyway, Manny's earlier comment, about not caring if Boston wins the World Series or not, and his home-run-but-not-home-run tonight once again confirms a simple fact: I do not want Manny in pinstripes. Ever. I'd take David Ortiz over him, and that's saying quite a bit.

That said, Cleveland really did miss a golden opportunity tonight, seeing as now they have to go to Boston.

I can't manage for dung, but I would have given serious thought to starting Carmona tonight; he's been brilliant in both of his postseason starts, and there was that off day, so he would have been going on...four days' rest, not counting today.

Obviously it's not really something you want to do, as Sabathia's supposed to be your number one starter, but October is October for a reason.

Cleveland will not have to deal with Beckett on Saturday, but they will have to deal with Fenway and it's not going to be fun. You know 2004 is on the mind of every single Boston fan right now.

It's up to Cleveland, then, to teach Boston that it does no good to live in the past.

(Says the medieval history student).

I'm off to Maryland tomorrow, for family and sword-waving, I'll try to have some good pictures when I come back.

In the meantime, play nice. If you see a troll or whatnot, just remember they're a bit like skunks. Cute in that kiddie sort of way, but you really don't want their spray all over you. It's nasty.

And if you live in South Carolina, do your part to get Colbert on the ballot!

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  1. Sword-waving?
    Renaissance festival?

    Football Saturday = Go Gators!!
    [Should be a huge game against Kentucky :-) ]