Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who's Up for a Wild and Wacky Winter?

So I did some thinking and planning last night (which is really odd, because I almost NEVER plan), and this is roughly the plan I came up with to keep this blog occupied till Spring:

First off, LCS previews and recaps, and World Series preview and recaps.

Baseball news will be blogged-upon as necessary. It’ll be mostly Yankees news, of course, though anything earth-shattering will also make an appearance. I'm not interested in speculation, only in what actually happens, so don't expect to see will-he-or-won't-he posts about A-rod/Posada/Mo/Manager, but instead he did-or didn't posts.

I’ll also intersperse with updates on my own life as a university senior, but I’ll do these sparingly.

Other than that, to keep up with the idea of a-post-a-day-keeps-the-boredom-away theory, I have broken it down as thus:

Monday: Random Baseball Trivia. Not really going for the 'who hit 10 home runs in a week?', but instead things like 'so-and-so is allergic to pizza and danishes'. I'm actually not sure there is such a thing as a danish allergy, but it popped into my mind first!

Tuesday: Yankees’ Classic Moments. Sure, there might be those big home runs, but perhaps some smaller moments as well…

Wednesday: Weekly hockey, basketball and college bb update. I’m partial to the Devils, Nets and Syracuse Orange and I won’t pretend to be unbiased…

Likely these will be in some sort of standings-round-up format that Yankees Chick does so well.

Thursday: NFL Picks: picking teams by the uniform I like better, the city I like/hate more, whatever, really, except things that actually have to do with football. By the time this is over, spring training will be a week away! Or something like it, anyway!

Friday: You learn something new every day: I pick a baseball concept, rule, pitch or idea I don’t really understand, and figure out what it is. Topics to be discussed include: pitching from the windup/stretch, difference between a curve and a breaking ball, what the rosin bag really does, why bats break so easily, and whatever else piques my interest. If you have something you'd like explained, feel free to either comment or email me and I'll be glad to oblige.

Saturday: Profiles in pinstripes: tidbits on men who’ll be in Yankee uniforms and the supporting cast in 2008. I'll likely start with the guys we know will be in pinstripes next year--like Derek Jeter, and with those who will be with the organization in one way or another--the Bossman, Bob Sheppard, etc...

Sunday: Best part of the week. Baseball novel. Your first glance at the innermost recesses of my soul imagination! I'd describe this but surprises are more fun.

So, barring vociferous opposition, as today is Wednesday, I'll be back some time later with a weekly hockey update (as basketball and college ball have not yet started). Should be fun; the season's just started...


  1. Hey there :) I like your plan... I know it's tough to keep writing for all those lean months when there ain't much to talk about!!!

    anywho, just wanted to stop by... really glad i found your blog over at peter abrahams!

  2. Thank you! I usually do things on a whim (including hair dyeing, ear piecing, speech giving...), but I don't want to bore everyone with news they've already heard 20 times over!

    Thanks for stopping by. Your blog really is that amazing...I love very few things more than good wit!