Sunday, October 21, 2007

Going Medieval in Oriole Country


So the lack of posts this weekend has nothing to do with me getting bored or forgetting or anything like that, but, instead, me going down to Maryland to pretend I lived 500 years ago!

My friend, Marielle, and I drove on Friday from Syracuse down to Annapolis--six hours, non-stop, the longest I've ever been behind the wheel of a car. It's an easy drive, though, there are really only two roads--81 and 83, so though it was long it wasn't very hard.

Anyway, we stayed with my cousin, had a wonderful dinner, and then, on Saturday, went and played medieval.


Myself, Marielle, my cousin, and my cousin's friends.

Waving a sword around.

That wasn't the sword I bought, though. This was:

It's actually sharp enough to cut through a car hood.

Anyway, we were supposed to get back last night, but we didn't leave the Fair until about eight, and after stopping for dinner, it was about eleven, so we figured getting back at Syracuse at 5 AM isn't really the greatest idea.

Of course, I saw nothing of Cleveland/Boston yesterday, but I know that Boston won, and, well, I did say Cleveland in seven, because the AL has to make everything interesting.

Update 2 of The Season shortly heading your way.


  1. Gals in medieval dresses, with swords? Nice....
    I'm going to go to Richmond this Sunday for Highland Festival [I try to attend all the Celtic Fests, RenFests, and Pirate Festivals I am able to].

    So, here's the question:
    Kilt - Wllace Tartan, or
    black biker kilt?

    Cannae go Saturday -'tis the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party [Gators vs GA in Jax] and I HAVETA cheer the boyz on. Go Gators!!

  2. Wallace Tartan ONLY if you have a claymore.


  3. Ahh, wish I did!
    I've been a - listening to the Wolftones, who are Irish separatists and a folk singing group, and it has me nearly fired up enough to strap on the claymore, and go and lop some Ainglish noggins.... aye!