Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Postseason Scores and Stuffs, 3 October 2007

The Rockies beat the Phillies 4-2, in Philadelphia. The Rockies are more or less the one team no one wants to play right now; and Jeff Francis had a great game, making only two mistakes.

Chase Utley had four strikeouts, more or less the opposite of 'clutch'.

Cole Hammels did not pitch that poorly for Philadelphia, but one bad inning in the second cost them dearly. Philadelphia allowed just two hits outside of that inning, a home run and a base hit in the ninth.

Boston beat the Angels, 4-0. The Angels played like they're hurting, and Beckett was...well, let's just say he brought back some very unpleasant memories of 2003.

However, the unpleasant memories of Beckett are not nearly as unpleasant as the memories of Ortiz...and that he went 2-3 makes me very, very unhappy.

One more game to go, but I probably won't stay up for the entire thing. I'll either edit that into this post or put something up tomorrow morning.

[EDIT]: The Cubs/Diamondbacks game is the most exciting game of the day. A one-one tie into the seventh, Arizona pulled two ahead with a home run and a RBI.

Now, it's top of the ninth, Chicago up at bat, one on and two out, Soriano up...might as well stay awake to see how this one ends!

Side note: I know there are some that disagree with me, but I'm actually enjoying the TBS coverage. It's no-nonsense, and the announcers aren't afraid to be critical of the teams. I didn't so much enjoy the rehashing of 2004, but what else would you expect in a Boston game?

Also, the game breaks mid-innings are much more enjoyable than commercials.


  1. Man, Rox should be worn-out, but the adrenaline must be pumping!! They beat Cole Hamels - can Philly come back?

  2. I'm not sure. In a long series, I'd say yes, Phillies could, but losing game one at home is a huge blow.

  3. Definitely an obstacle for Philly, but how long can the Rox (or ANY team) stay that hot? I mean, 15 out of their last 16?

    The Bos-LA game was just pathetic. The Angels just didn't show up to play ball, and in the process they made Boston and Beckett look good, because I didn't see anything out of Boston that was particularly impressive on their own.

    Arizona is up 1-0 in the 6th as I type, with the Cubbies threating to score with 2 on and 2 out. The D-Backs' Brandon Webb is a friend of a friend, but I am pulling for the Cubs in this one.

  4. Cubs have tied it.

    Most interesting game of the night imo, which is kind of annoying because I am EXHAUSTED and am so exhausted I think I'm skipping class tomorrow.

    So instead of going to sleep, I'm watching this game...

  5. Pffftt - enjoy the game and take the day off to rest up for the Yanks' opener. I am sleeping in tomorrow myself, because I have the NY game and the UK (my alma mater) football game on at the same time tomorrow night.


  6. I'll just have to make sure I go outside some point in the day--can't see a squirrel if I'm not outside (okay, I can, but it's unlikely), and they are my good luck charm!

  7. I have been leaving peanuts in the shell out for the squirrels on my deck. How pathetic am I?