Friday, October 5, 2007

ALDS Game 2 Pregame Notes (5 October 2007)

Yeah, I know this is early, but so is the game!

Anyway, there isn't anyone the Yankees would rather have on the mound tonight than Andy Pettitte.

Pettitte has pitched in every postseason since 1996, so if it's a question of experience, Pettitte's got that answered.

Pettitte is also at his best when pitching after a Yankees' loss; hopefully this holds true tonight as well.

The Yankees' bats, however, are more important to watch. They had opportunities last night to blow the game out of the water, but they did not do so. They can't have another night like that. We especially have to get better nights from Jeter, Posada and Matsui--collective 0-fers, especially from Captain Clutch, doesn't sit well with me.

Still, no reason to panic. This is a five game series, not a three game series. (Though, if/when we win tonight, that's what it becomes...)


  1. Rebecca, please keep the Optimism Bus rolling in Game 2. I'm not going to be able to watch, because I have to work. :( I may try and think of a way to get updates. It's a downer because I was really looking forward to watching Pettitte. I also think that the lineup can take advantage of Carmona. He'll be rusty and nervous, and he will probably be leaving many of his pitches up in the zone. Enjoy the game!!

  2. No problem.

    I saw SEVEN squirrels today.

    Take that as you will!

  3. Let's go Yankees!! Let's go Andy!!