Monday, October 15, 2007

Bang that Drum a Little Bit Faster Now (ALCS Game 3 Postgame Notes)

So I'll be honest, I missed nearly the entire second half of the Red Sox/Indians game because of my failed caramel experiment (see my post below), but I did catch a lot of the game.

Jake Westbrook was entirely on form tonight, looking like a completely different pitcher than the one that faced the Yankees in Game Three of the ALDS. To be fair, Jacob's Field is a bit different than Yankee Stadium, but Westbrook was excellent, the Rafael that came in was great (again, I was busy burning caramel so I can't tell you which Rafael it was) and would you believe it, but Joe Borowski, yes, THAT one, had a one-two-three inning.

If both teams keep playing like this, Kenny Lofton might be the ALCS MVP.

I know. I don't get it, either, but as a Yankee fan, I'd take him over David Ortiz or Manny Ramirez as the MVP...

Cleveland's line up produced tonight. Boston's did not. So right now my theory of Cleveland having the better line up seem to be holding, but I'll reserve final judgment till after the Series, because, as everyone know, two games to one lead really doesn't mean anything.

I had two friends who are both big Red Sox fans tell me that Dice-K is officially not worth it.

I am now going to watch the Rockies/D-Backs, but probably won't stay up for the entire thing, so expect notes sometime tomorrow. I can't believe we're this close to a Cleveland-Rockies World Series...and the puns almost write themselves. Almost.

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  1. i think Cleveland's line-up may be more complete, at least at this point. i found it odd that on the game highlights on ESPN showed Betancourt, the rafael from the 8th, retiring ortiz and manny but didn't show one bit of the Borowski 1-2-3, which included lowell, drew, and varitek, who was the only red-sock with an rbi last night. it's not like they had that many games to cover yesterday, at least at that point...