Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yankees' Classic Moments, Number One

Hey everyone, sorry this post is so late, and I don't have a lot of time right now, so I'm afraid it's going to be a quickie.

Today's entry, however, is fairly easy.

Four years ago today, our third baseman wasn't a guy named Alex Rodriguez, but a chap by the name of Aaron Boone. Like A-Rod, he wasn't hitting well in the postseason.

So that he came up to bat in the eleventh inning in game seven against Boston, Mo Rivera having just pitched his third inning of work, should have been a mystery, should have sparked some sort of comment...

...except that Boone crushed the very first pitch he saw, sending up and over the left field wall.

Derek Jeter's greeting at home plate, Charlie Steiner's call...even Joe Buck's call...

Playoff heroes are never who you expect, but the Yankees should know by now that playoff heroes, at least where the Red Sox are concerned, all have B names--Babe, Bucky, Boone...(hell, even throw in Buckner!)

Grady Little would lose his job as a result of that game, while Yankees fans everywhere would rejoice...(and a few of us thought 'ah, the Marlins in the World Series? No matter, we beat the Red Sox!)

For one more year, at least, Boston would be without a World Series title.

ALCS postgame notes at the appropriate time.

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