Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Well, That's One Way to Celebrate!

Today is the one month anniversary of this blog. I know, in the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal, but for me it's a bit of an achievement. As I said in one of the first few posts (I don't remember which), if I can keep something going for a month, it's a success by my (rather low) standards.

I can't believe it's been a month, and at the same time I can't believe it's been only a month. It's been a great experience, for sure, and it's been amazing watching the number grow on the StatCounter or putting 'purist bleeds pinstripes' into Google to see what the results are. It's been a lot of fun so far, and now it's only going to get better.

Sure, the Yankees don't play today, but it doesn't make any of the other games going on any less important. They all matter now.

Who wants it more? Lucky Philadelphia or burning hot Colorado? Young Arizona or defiant Chicago? The devilish Angels or the best-record-in-baseball Boston?

Get your work done early, grab some chips and a soda, and plop down on the couch in front of you.

We're about to find out.


  1. Congrats Rebecca! Keep up the good work!

    What are your thoughts on Torre using Matsui against C.C. tomorrow?

    as we all know form the reports C.C. is devastating against Lefties.

    Matsui's knee is barking but I read he had the fluid drained from it (sunday) and he is feeling better.

    Do you still think Joe uses Shelley "Frankenstein" Duncan or will he go with battle tested godzilla?

    Do you have any other thoughts on players that should be used (or not used) for this or any of the upcoming games?

  2. Aaron: Thank you!

    I'm with Torre on using Matsui, especially as a DH. He's a veteran with playoff experience; for game one, at least, he should go with the experienced player.

    My line up would be:

    Mient Man

    I'd substitute Giambi for the Mient Man only if it's a close game and we need the big bat, and Shelley in at DH or first if needed.

    I'd keep Wilson on the bench, and Sardinha as a pinch runner only.

  3. looks like that is exactly what Torre did. In fact I saw tomorrows line-up over at Pete Abe's blog. Matsui is in.

  4. .I wanted to share this story with everyone who is a Yankees fan, as I am.

    I have been a Yankee fan since I can remember. I go to as many games as possible, root for the team through ups and downs and up until this past week, would support all the players through everything.

    I was walking in a store in NYC where I saw A-Rod shopping. I was there because I was buying last minute necessities for my wedding this week. My buddy, who knows how big a fan I am, swore he would get me an autograph.

    So, very politely and very respectfully he approached A-Rod with a pen in hand and a receipt from something I had just bought.

    "Alex, I wouldn't normally do this, but my buddy is getting married this weekend and he is a huge fan. Would you please sign this for him?" Said my friend.

    A-Rod looked at him as if he were a piece of trash on the sidewalk and turned to walk away. He then paused for a second and said, "fine, give it to me!" signed the receipt, practically threw it in my friends face, turned around and walked away.

    He didn't even have the courtesy to congratulate me on my wedding or even acknowledge my existence.

    I don't know about you guys, but I am a strong believer that athletes, particularly of his caliber, have a responsibility to their fans to do things like this with a smile, greatfully, being that it is people like me, that spend the ridiculous amounts of money on tickets to watch them play, which pays their salaries.

    This was the single most disgusting display of professionalism I have ever seen. And he wonders why NYers hate him and want him out of town. Yes, he is having a great season, but he is being paid to do that. The highest paid player in the league, belongs producing like one.

    But, he also belongs treating his fans, the ones who pay his salary, with more respect and dignity.

    Yours Truly,

    Former A-Rod Fan

  5. Former A-Rod Fan:

    I wasn't there, so I can't defend A-Rod per se, but I can say this:

    You don't know what was on A-Rod's mind that day. It happens to all of us--something gets on our mind, and we lash out, often at people we don't mean to lash out at.

    I'm sorry that it happened to you; I've heard stories about various other former Yankees giving autographs...El Duque was supposedly great, Mendoza, according to the guy I was talking to, wouldn't sign an autograph for a kid.

    It happens.

    The Optimist in me says you just caught him at a bad day, and at a bad time.

    I hope you don't like the Yankees as a team any less because of it, and that if you bump into a Yankee again in the future you have a bit of a better experience.

    And congratulations on your wedding! =)

  6. happy blogiversary! :) I've really liked reading your blog since "meeting" you over at Pete Abraham's blog! I keep meaning to add a link on my site - I promise I will today :)

  7. Yankees Chick--Thank you!

    Your blog more or less defines awesome--I love wit and you've got plenty of it!

    I shall return the linkage =D

  8. Congratulation!! We should have a party here next year!! Keep up the good work and the spirit!! Fasten your seat belt because we are going have a great ride in October!! Let's Go Yankees!! 27 in 07!!

  9. CM/Pete: We don't need to wait till next year to have a party; we'll have one the end of this month for sure! =D

    27 in 07 indeed!

  10. What a grand month!!
    Happy anniversary, Becca :-)
    Maybe a Yankees win in the WS,