Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NFL Picks Week Eight

[EDIT]: I keep thinking today is Thursday, even though it's not, to the point that I went and came up with this. So instead of deleting the entire thing, I'll do this today and NHL round-up tomorrow, and if you miss this today, I'll link to it tomorrow.


...No one cared for World Series Preview in Verse?

Well, it was fun to write, so there =P.

Anyway, the stuff you want:

Detroit over Chicago because ESPN says Chicago's going to win, and we know how reliable ESPN is...

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati. The Steelers are pretty good, and the Bengals...well, they beat the Jets. They're better than the Dolphins, but probably not by much.

Tennessee over Oakland. The Titans could be greatly helped if someone taught them that the goal of the fourth quarter is actually not to blow a 20 point lead.

Cleveland over St. Louis. Dude, I'm not picking an 0-7 team. Strange, though--at the beginning of the season, everyone thought Cleveland would be the 0-7 team...

Giants over Miami. Giving up 42 points in the first half is bound to do wonders for Dolphins' morale. Say hi to London for me, I miss that place, even my cramped l'il flat on Edgeware Road.

Minnesota over Philadelphia, just because I haven't picked Minnesota to win a game in the while.

Indianapolis over Carolina. The Panthers are good. The Colts are better.

Jets over Buffalo, but if you're really serious you'll pick Buffalo. It's a pride thing, really, at this point.

San Diego over Houston, but there's a chance this one doesn't get played, or is played in Houston. Stay safe, everyone in Southern California!

Jacksonville over Tampa Bay in the Battle for Florida. Normally Miami would be involved, but Miami is an AAA team at this point. Actually, more like an A team. Anyway, I'm feeling Latin American cats this week over pirates.

New Engand over Washington. They're not going to score 42 points in the first half, but no one in New England's going to care about this game--not over the Sox at any rate.

New Orleans over San Francisco. Hey, if they can keep the losing at just four, they've got a realistic shot at the playoffs!

Green Bay over Denver. You are either admiring what Farve is doing, or you don't have a pulse. If the latter is true, please pick up the nearest phone and dial 911, now.

Back after WS Game 1 with postgame notes. At least it's not pouring right now. I won't have to walk through a lake to get to class!


  1. i really wonder what the point of playing in England is? Do they really care about this game over there? anyhow, I hope England isn't to the Giants what Japan was to the Yankees a few years ago...

    It never really dawned on me that Florida has 3 teams until you pointed that out. and lol at you calling Miami AAA :)

  2. saucy; I love England, but while I was over there I never got the American football vibe, but who knows?

    see, I can think of Tampa and Jacksonville in the same state or Tampa and Miami in the same state, but never Jacksonville and Miami!

    They're so different!

  3. I happened to LOVE your "World Series in Verse"!

  4. Rebecca- Blowing that fourth quarter lead was just our master plan to get Rob Bironas to break the record for field goals in a game! :) That game was crazy and hopefully we can beat the Raiders in more routine fashion!!

  5. You know how I feel about the Jets, so I won't go there, but yea, go Giants!