Sunday, October 7, 2007

ALDS Game Three Pregame Notes (7 October 2007)

It does not get any bigger than this. It does not get any more must-win than this.

This is not just a win-or-go-home game; according to The Bergen Record, this is a win-or-Torre's-gone game.

We've been hearing the same thing for years now, but this is the first time the Boss has confirmed it at this point of the season.

What else is there to say?

Win, and we'll live to play another day. We'll have at least one more game of the Joe Torre Era.

Lose, and it's said and done. You can likely put 1996-2007 under "Joe Torre Era" in the history books and start the debate: Joe Girardi or Donnie Baseball?

Hopefully, the home crowd will provide the support that the Yankees need to get something going.

Hopefully when A-Rod comes up to bat, he'll be serenaded with chants of 'MVP', which yes, he really does deserve.

Hopefully Roger Clemens has got game in him yet, and he can grit through this and give the Yankees their chance.

Hopefully the ghosts of Octobers past can come alive one more time.

We will all know so much more in just a few hours.

To steal from 300 yet again:

THIS is where we HOLD them.
THIS is where we FIGHT
THIS is where THEY DIE!

Earn your shields bats boys!


  1. Hey Rebecca! This is another game that I'll have to miss due to work, but I may be home in time to see the last few innings. I would love to see a W, see Roger extend his career, and for A-Rod to have a big game! It's been a great year and I don't want it to end. I also want my Titans to win, too!!

    P.S. Try not to let SJ44 get you down on Pete's blog during the game today. He does know a lot, but his negatism and his "I told you so" analysis are really getting old. That stuff doesn't do the rest of us a bit of good!

  2. J-Dawg, I've got thicker skin than to let SJ get to me =D

    Here's hoping for a win tonight, one that sets a spark...

  3. The Doctor's CompanionOctober 7, 2007 at 4:02 PM

    Today in church the priest talked about faith, and how "at the root of faith is trust in a person." It may not be a squirrel, but that's as good a sign as Scooter on the pole! I've got the trust in all of them, so let's go Yankees*clapclap clapclapclap*

  4. Well, it's crunch time!
    Here we go....

    Let's go, Yankees!!!

  5. The Doctor's CompanionOctober 7, 2007 at 10:21 PM

    ...And all those naysayers said it was over with...obviously they're lacking something called FAITH! GO YANKS!

  6. Amen.
    Ya gotta have faith!
    The train keeps a-rollin'.....