Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cleveland to Boston: Put a Sox in It! (ALCS Game Four Postgame Notes)

Okay, so when I made my ALCS predictions, I was apparently wrong...just, not about the offenses.

I thought that this series would go seven, and, you never know, it still might, but for now Cleveland's got Boston in a chokehold.

Considering his recent injury, Wakefield was impressive through the first four, but he fell apart in the fifth. I'm not sure, superstitious wise, if Wakefield's really the guy that should have been on the mound for Boston tonight, but as a Yankee fan I can't really complain.

Youkilis, Ortiz and Ramirez all went yard, but like the Yanks last round, they did it without men on base. Manny admiring his shot? Not cool. At all.

Anyway, again, Cleveland simply outplayed Boston, except for those three pitches. Paul Byrd's start against the Yanks apparently wasn't a fluke, and neither is Cleveland's bullpen.

If Boston's going to win any other game in the series, it's likely to be Game Five, with Beckett going against Sabathia. If anything, we'll know whether or not Sabathia's last two postseason starts were just flukes, or if he really isn't a big game pitcher. We all know Beckett is, so Cleveland needs to bring their A game.

It does not bode well for Cleveland (or Yankee) fans if the series goes back to Boston.

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