Thursday, October 18, 2007

Plot Twists Are Like Second Nature to the Yanks...

(Source is ESPN2 and Pete Abraham)

In a move that, uh, certainly surprised me, Joe Torre has turned down a one year $5 million offer with an $8 million option.


Joe: I wish you would have been back, but if you're gonna go out it's best to do it on your own terms. Thank you for twelve amazing years, and best of luck in whatever you choose next.

However, dude, Yankees, incredible-no-freakin'-way plot twists are best left to telenovelas and Star Wars: Episode V.

Seriously. I mean, I was texting G-d knows how many people that Torre was back, and now I got to go through all of these and say "Oh. Nevermind."

You know something is up when the biggest story of the night is not college football or even the potential clinching game of the ALCS...


  1. What a day that this has been. Joe is gone. Just when I think that I have everything figured out, everything changes. At least he went out on his own terms. Whoever's next has a TOUGH act to follow.

  2. Tough doesn't begin to describe it.

  3. Crazy day. I got to my car after work figuring to hear that Torre was coming back since I'd heard that he was. I almost drove my car off the road when I found out he didn't.

    I've been critical on Torre and am indifferent on this for now, but it's still a sad day. Joe did so much for this franchise and always did it in a classy way.

    Joe Torre, thank you and you will be missed.

  4. It's not easy being an Evil Empire. We always hurt the ones we love. Marse Joe, ol' Case, the Major, Billy [especially Billy!], Yogi, now Mister Torre.
    Best wishes to Joe, he's a good guy. Good luck to the Yanks, they may need it. Beginning to sound like Gator is gone, too. Wish we could find room for them both, somewhere in the org.