Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rock On, Colorado! (2007 NLCS Game One postgame notes)

Okay, I'm no great fan of Colorado. Mostly, this has to do with hockey, and the Broncos in 1998, but the point remains, that for me to support a team from Colorado takes considerable effort.

However, when Arizona's fans did one of the most un-classy things possible--throwing objects such as water bottles on the field--I decided that I wanted Colorado to win the game.

After all, why not?

Brandon Webb simply just did not have it...he seemed spot on in the first, but quickly came apart.
Arizona had chances to get runs back on offense, but like the Yankees' LDS offense (excepting game three), they were simply anemic. They did that whole GIDP thing way too much, which is painful to watch if you're trying to support that team.

On the other hand, Colorado did everything right.

They got the big hits, pitched well enough, and ran the bases like a playoff team.

Colorado deserved this one. Rock on!

That's it from me tonight; tomorrow we've got ALCS preview, Friday's 'You Learn Something New' (YLSN) in which I will pick a baseball concept/idea/rule/term I don't understand and figure out how to explain it, and ALCS Game One recap. I'll be watching ALCS Game One with my friend who is a Red Sox fan, so I may or may not have some extra insight.


  1. With a red sox fan?? Oh... how could you....? :)

    Enjoy the game. I'm not sure that I'm up to it yet. I was a little surprised that wife and I could watch the Rocks/Snakes play last night (she's a die-hard cubbies fan).

    Hope your friend is disappointed. :)

  2. Oh, he knows I'm rooting against Boston...