Saturday, October 27, 2007

Profiles In Pinstripes, Week Two: Joba Chamberlain

Last time we honored the Yankees of the late nineties and early 00s by profiling Derek Jeter, so this week it's only apt that we profile someone that is a critical part of the Yankees' future!

The Yankees have three "superstar" rookie pitchers, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy. Drawing from a hat, today's PIP goes to Joba!

As you probably know, Joba's first name was originally Justin, but his cousin calling him Joba stuck, and he legally changed his name. He is, of course, the only Joba pitching in the major leagues. You also probably know about him being raised by his father, Harlan, who survived Polio, and about Joba being of Native American heritage, and of him being the seventh-youngest major leaguer in 2007.

You, uh, have also probably heard of that thing they called the "Joba Rules". I'm still waiting for my "Joba Rules" T-shirt.

Joba made his major league debut with the Yankees on 7 August 2007, in Toronto. In a sign of things to come, he struck out the first batter he faced, and then proceeded to pitch two scoreless innings.

Actually, in the end it was over fourteen scoreless innings. Joba would end the season with a 0.38 ERA, which is so crazy that even Mo doesn't have an ERA like that.

Though he pitched in a much-needed bullpen capacity in 2007, Joba will come to Spring Training 2008 as a starter, his original position.

How awesome is Joba?

In his Yankee Stadium debut, his name was chanted not after he won a game or pitched his first inning, but after he got the first two batters out that he face.

Brian Cashman would not trade him.

He will be a fixture for the Yankees for a long time to come.


I will be spending tonight dressed up as a Greek Goddess/Muse/Thing, assuming I get the costume finished on time, so I probably won't get around to posting postgame notes until tomorrow, after the sun has risen. As a Yankee fan, I hope going home strikes a nerve for Colorado!

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